Evan Michaels

A'int no stoppin this.



What people are saying...

Evan Micheal's New EP ‘Ain't No Stopping This’ hits a nerve that true country music fans will appreciate. His new single ‘Bet on a Back Road’ has all the hallmarks of the next country anthem. Evan's back road musical therapy will definitely go a long way towards fix'in what ails ya.”  

–Uncle Charley/KHLB Radio

"Evan Michaels’ ‘Bet On A Back Road’ will have you flashing back to your high school days and those summer romances."

-Carly Evans/KORA Radio

"Evan Michaels is a safe bet. In the business of playing music for human consumption this song has it (whatever ‘IT’ is). Lyrics, melody, production value. Any true Texan can dig ‘Bet On A Back Road!’ When all else fails just go find a back road, crank this guy up and I'll drink a cold one with ya'!!!”

-Hank Moon/KBSO Radio