Evan Michaels

A'int no stoppin this.


Meet the Evan michaels band


D.J. Petty


D.J. Petty has found his way to good ole Oklahoma originally from Memphis, Tennessee. D.J. Comes from a family with a huge musical background. He began playing drums at the early age 4 years old for St. Luke Baptist Church in Memphis, TN. D.J. continued his musical growth playing for various churches and artist throughout his high school and college years. Growing up in Memphis allowed D.J. to acquire significant jazz, gospel, and blues influence. D.J. is musically inspired by such artist as Stanley Randolph, Carter Beauford, Dave Weckl, Chris Coleman, Aaron Spears, and Buddy Rich. D.J. believes that God gave him this gift so he could provide happiness and entertainment for people and he will give it his all whether there are 5 people or 5,000 people in the crowd.

Ian Smith

Bass Guitar

Raised in a small rural town in northern Oklahoma. Ian Smith was always working to set himself apart from his identical twin brother in as many ways possible. So naturally when his brother chose to try his hand at guitar at age 12, Ian decided to go for the lower end by picking up the bass guitar. From there he learned to play trombone in high school and baritone in college meanwhile still working on perfecting his skills as bass guitar. In college, he applied this knowledge in a traveling show band and started playing in a private jazz quintet for 2 years. In the years that followed, Ian played off and on for various groups until joining Evan Michaels in February 2013. Since joining the band, he has been able to play in several states and accompanied such bands like William Clark Green, Hal Ketchum, and Curtis Grimes. Currently, Ian plays bass guitar and sings backup vocals for Evan Michaels. He enjoys his whiskey and takes any time he can get to hang out with members of the band. “Being a bass player means that you are always the butt of a joke and never lose feeling of being low man on totem pole.”

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From a very young age, Bair's parents knew he was destined for greatness in the art of making dope hip-hop beats. Though he only had a passion for classical piano, his parents would constantly beg him to drop the baroque counterpoint and pikc up the sample to not "shame the family name." This of course only drew Bair farther away from the traditinoal hip-hop lifestyle which led him spiraling down a path of collegiate piano performance, composition/orchestral studies, and business marketing for several years. It wasn't until Bair's parenst were slain by a Johan Sebastian Bach impersonator at a Rennaisance festival next to a Dippin' Dots stand that he finally recanted the ways of his classical music career to make beats for local hip-hop artists in the greater metropolitan area of Oklahoma City.


"I just want to heal people with the power of music" -Bair